The 5 Stressors That Can Condemn Even the Most Loving, Passionate Relationships,

Here’s Part 1… we’ll send you Part 2 tomorrow!

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  1. I’m kind of wondering why this info is so popular? There’s like a hundred thousand on ask search. Whats really happening? At least it’s not pasted from somewhere else like other sites.

  2. Hello Sage and Tony,
    We’re trying so hard pull some strings to see you at the UPW in Chicago. With God’s help. Anthony Robbins you are my Hero!! You’ve helped my husband and I through your books ,cd’s, seminar.I’ve been with my husband since we were 13 years old.I think even our anniversary is the same as your Valentine’s Day :) Without you we’ve probably wouldn’t be going on 14 years of marriage, with two beautiful girls 12 and 16. We’ve even tried to get our girls in but it was all booked :( Somehow or another. Your in OUR city…. something gotta give!!My husband’s even working to get enough sales to win it through your company with Chet @ BBI. Grrr …you’re so close I can taste it!!I’ve dreamt of the day you come and we get to stand up and speak to you.I swear though we’re climbing up the ladder and sooner or later it’s bound for us to meet.We even work directly with Stephanie McAnly which work closely with Dr. Young. Who knows maybe we’ll bump into each other in a restaurant,lol. We’re so happy your gonna be in Chicago changing lives.God Bless :)

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