Winning At Online Dating

1 in 5 couples meet today online (at least if you believe the ads) so more and more these days your online dating profile is your first introduction to potential mates. Like everything in life – from relationships to leadership to sales – knowing what persuades another person can be a key advantage towards success.

Online dating coach, Eric Lercara, has boiled down the 6 key things you need to have in your online profile to attract the right kind of attention:

“After reading hundreds of books on psychology, philosophy and attraction, I’ve come up with these six fundamentals. I strongly believe they need to be conveyed properly if you’re going to get a date…”

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What’s your best online (or offline) dating story?

Are Breakups Worse For The Man?

Contrary to popular belief, a recent scientific study suggests that men suffer more from romantic breakups than women do.

“…research showed that though men act tougher and are less likely to outwardly express their distress, rocky relationships tend to have a stronger direct impact on their mental health than on women’s state of mind.”

Though it may sound wrong at first, if we look at this through the perspective of masculine/feminine energies it seems very obvious.

Men are driven by masculine energy and the primary driving force in male energy is direction in life – a mission. In a relationship most men tend to focus on their partner as their mission, so loss of a relationship equals a failure of that mission.  Therefore, when a man goes through a breakup it becomes much more than just his heart that’s at stake.

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In your experience have you found this true?

No trust? Maybe it’s Hormones…

Scientists have discovered that key brain chemicals, mainly oxytocin and testosterone, may have  a profound effect on if people feel trusting or untrusting, both in business and relationships.

“It may seem strange that there is a hormonal influence in such a delicate calculation as to whether or not to trust someone. But perhaps trust is so important to a society’s survival that natural selection has generated a hormonal basis for it.” Continue reading…

(Without hormones) what is one way you’ve built trust in your relationships?